Proslead B2B prospecting assistance provides a concrete solution to evolving sales practices, making you more efficient. That will lead to higher turnover.

B2B prospecting assistance generates, identifies and qualifies leads and automatically starts a dialogue by sending the right message to the lead at the right time.

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We use our large B2B databases to find your targets and contact them (public data, open data, private data, etc.)

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We detect and identify actions and interactions with your customers and leads on your various online media (e-mail, website, landing page, etc.)

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We start a dialogue with suitable, automated responses on the basis of identified actions, and we qualify your customers and leads based on their interests

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When interest is confirmed, we notify your sales staff immediately so that they can take over at the right time.

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Simple, efficient set-up

  1. Fill in our questionnaire in order to calculate your ROI and help us prepare for your interview with one of our experts
  2. Within five business days, our copywriters will write your prospecting content
  3. Placement of the Proslead tracker on your website, connection to your e-mail inbox and configuration of your prospecting targets
  4. Start-up of your prospecting programme, monitoring and optimisation of your campaign with your dedicated campaign success manager

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Your dedicated success manager

Proslead is directly connected to your sales team’s e-mail and messaging system. This means your sales staff are notified in real time about interactions with their leads and customers.

Your dedicated success manager from Proslead maintains a close relationship with your sales team and works with you to ensure:

  • Monitoring and analysis of all lead/customer responses recorded
  • Monitoring of your sales performance, based on feedback from your teams
  • Ongoing optimisation of your sales performance and results
  • Inclusion of new goals in order to adapt the strategy accordingly
  • Collaboration with our teleprospecting partner as needed (optional)

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A turnkey, performance-based proposal

Proslead takes care of the entire set-up of your prospecting strategy, and your dedicated B2B prospecting assistant will translate it into action. This set-up includes:

  • Integration and configuration of the Proslead technology
  • Production of content adapted to the scenarios defined by the strategy
  • Monitoring of our services thanks to your dedicated success manager
  • A three-month trial period at reduced cost to analyse the initial results
  • Invoicing of your qualified leads based on performance, using a pre-defined unit price

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Benefits of the Proslead solution:

  • Generation of qualified leads as a function of your targets, thus motivating your sales staff
  • Time savings and increased efficiency in the handling of your leads by your sales staff
  • Optimisation of your sales relationships thanks to lead scoring and automated responses
  • Cost cutting thanks to a turnkey, performance-based invoicing model
  • Possibility of analysing CRM data and existing customers (personas) to create look-alike modelling
  • Monitoring and optimisation of your strategy thanks to support from our team

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